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Episode 56: Ryan Carse

On this episode of Have A Nice Day, I’m joined by Ryan Carse, the editor of the amazing Tag Rope Magazine to talk all about Saturday Morning SmackDown, the origin of The Tag Rope and tape-trading with his auntie!

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Episode 53: Robert Newsome

The very first Have A Nice Day guest, Robert Newsome of The Atomic Elbow, returns to the show for what have been the start of year two if I maintained a weekly schedule. In a very conversational episode we talk about New Japan, DDT, CHIKARA and the highs and lows of wrestling entrance themes.

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Episode 52: Christopher Bird

It’s the first episode of 2015 and we’re kicking it off with Christopher Bird talking all about the longest running wrestling awards on the internet, The Theszies!

[NOTE: There are some audio issues that couldn’t be fixed in this episode. I explain it more before the episode starts, but basically I didn’t want to waste Christopher’s time by not uploading the episode and it’s not the biggest problem once you get used to it.]

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