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Episode 1: The Best Comics Of April 2017

The Monster Society of Comics is an ever-evolving roundtable discussion podcast about the best comics that came out in a given month.

This month, Elle Collins and Kieran Shiach are joined by their former colleagues at ComicsAlliance Andrew Wheeler and Chris Sims to talk about the best books they read in April 2017.

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Episode 1: Chris Sims

A comic book based biography in podcast form. Every month, Kieran Shiach talks to a new guest about their relationship with comic book culture and how it shaped them into the person they are.

Chris Sims joins Kieran to talk about Batman throwing a car battery, X-Men comics acquired from Pizza Hut and reading every single issue of The Punisher.

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Episode 40: Darkseid

Welcome to Journey Into Misery, where I explain complicated comics characters, continuity and concepts to the patient and perpetually perplexed Helena Hart.

This week’s episode is a break from format as we sat down in a hotel room with Chris Sims to have a very informal chat about Darkseid!

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Episode 45: Halloween Havoc 1991

While our attempt to chronicle Halloween Havoc 1989 was lost to the ages, Chris Sims, Chris Haley and myself are back with our tales from watching Havoc ’91 for you all to enjoy.

While it doesn’t reveal how far Sims is willing to go with Batman, it does have the Chamber of Horrors, the Halloween Phantom and some darn good rapping.

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Episode 44: King of Trios

So, I went to America.

Over the course of four days, I saw one TNA Impact taping and then all three nights of CHIKARA’s King of Trios. This episode is a collection of post-show recordings with Danielle Matheson, Chris Sims, Kyle Starks and Gavin Jasper. One of them was done in a Waffle House.

Easily the greatest weekend of my life. Thank you to everyone that made it so very special.

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